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Active Rolling Ball With Sound
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Color :
Pink (Bird Sound)
Yellow (Cricket Sound)
Blue (Frog Sound)
Material :

Your cat will never get bored!

The Active Rolling Ball is a smart cat toy that encourages active play with its unpredictable movements and sounds. It will keep your cat entertained even when you're not at home!

Each colored ball comes with a different sound and we also provide the option to choose which material the ball is made of.

Features & Benefits:

✅ INTERACTIVE CAT TOY: The Active Rolling Ball rolls around and creates sound each time the cat touches it.

✅ ENCOURAGES ACTIVITY & PLAY: Perfect for cats that need to lose some weight or for those who are always bored and lazy.

✅ RELIEVES ANXIETY, STRESS & BOREDOM: Cats sleep most of the day, when awake they need to play. Play helps with the relief of anxiety, stress and boredom. When cats don’t have toys to play with, this is when they supplement their playful instincts with destructive ones.

✅ CATNIP INCLUDED: The toy comes with catnip to fill in, to easily attract your cat's attention, if needed.

✅ DIFFERENT OPTIONS: You can choose which sound the toy emits and what material it is made of to fit your cat's preferences.

✅ PET-SAFE: The Active Rolling Ball is made of pet-safe material and the built-in LR44 battery cell can not be replaced to prevent cats from eating by mistake.


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